Freeport Container Port team attends training course in Helsinki, Finland

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island (November 25th, 2015) – The promotion of a safe work environment and training exercises for its staff, while keeping on top of the latest in technology remains a priority for officials of the Hutchison Port Holdings Company Ltd.  The most recent effort to ensure that all three areas are maintained led to a group of the best and brightest minds travelling abroad to Helsinki, Finland for a course lasting two weeks. The two teams left Freeport, Grand Bahama on separate occasions, October 9 and October 23.

The group consisted of seven members including six from the Engineering Department and the other from Operations at the Freeport Container Port. According to Port officials the men are among the sharpest hands-on technical experts in the country, responsible for maintaining and repairing the most advance mobile equipment in the Bahamas.

The training exercise in Helsinki, Finland will provide the FCP technicians with a high level of understanding in Tare 3 environmentally compliant diesel engines, modular mobile generators and programmable logic controls for mobile equipment.

With the purchase of three new electric state of the art Kalmar Straddle Carriers, the newest addition to the company’s fleet, it is expected that the FCP will be able to further meet the demands of an increasing customer base worldwide, while improving in yard productivity at its terminal.

The opportunity to travel abroad  with the aim of sharpening their skills in straddle operations was welcomed news for the men, Robert Johnson - Yard Equipment Superintendent, Shawn Evans- Technician 1, Danny Pierre - Technician II, Steven Evans - Technician I, Javasco Curry - Technician I, Nelson Smith - Technician II and Dexter Sargent - Operation Straddle Driver 1.  Once the team returns to Grand Bahama, they will apply their training as technically skilled members of the FCP team to maintain equipment at the high HPH standard that is required.

CEO of the Freeport Container Port, Freeport Harbour and Grand Bahama Airport Company, Godfrey Smith stated, “The training of our employees is an integral part of our daily operations and we are of the view that having a skilled workforce in the long run contributes significantly to our overall success, not just for the company, but for our employees as well.”FCP continues to invest millions in cutting edge technology to continuously ensure that it is operating the safest and best equipment in the Port global industry.Currently, the Freeport Container Port, the Freeport Harbour and the Grand Bahama Airport Company are all OHSAS 18001 certified for health & safety management system which is industrial standards equivalent.Photo #1 Pictured from left: Robert Johnson - Yard Equipment Superintendent, Shawn Evans - Technician I and Danny Pierre - Technician IIPhoto #2 Pictured from left: Nelson Smith - Technician II, Javasco Curry - Technician I, Steven Evans - Technician I, Dexter Sargent - Operation Straddle Driver 1