HPH Go Green Initiative - Beach and Community Clean Up

On Saturday the 17th of September, HPH group of companies kicked off its third year of contributing to the rehabilitation and preservation of our fragile environment.  HPH believes that it makes good business sense to be a good steward of the environment. Its management team believes that humanity’s survival and quality of life, in large measure, depends on the state of the environment on multiple levels.

Therefore, HPH Bahamas (Freeport Container Port, Freeport Harbour Company and Grand Bahama Airport Company) has committed to doing its part in promoting sustainable development and ensuring that we promote environmental protection and beautification. For the last three years, the company has partnered with DP World, APM Terminals, PSA International, Port of Rotterdam and Shanghai International Port (Group) to launch GO GREEN.  The event takes place the third week of September.  Last year, various business units engaged in a tree-planting exercise and clean-up of various beaches.

This year, the company determined to clean-up Lovers Beach and parts of the broader Hepburn Town. Participants included Freeport Container Port, Freeport Harbour Company and Grand Bahama Airport Company staff members. Our efforts coincided with the Ministry of Tourism's promotion of the "International Coastal Clean-up." This longstanding annual initiative attracted 26 students and Brownies from Bartlett Hill Primary, along with their teacher Mrs. Hield, as well as students from Eight Mile Rock High School. We invite members of the public to duplicate these efforts. “Furthermore, we encourage residents to be responsible for cleaning up after themselves when they come to enjoy the beach,” remarked one company official.

Godfrey Smith, CEO of HPH Bahamas (Freeport Container Port, Freeport Harbour Company and Grand Bahama Airport Company), made the point that one of the selling points of Freeport is its well-planned infrastructure, which all of us must ensure does not deteriorate. He has committed the group of companies that he oversees to playing a pivotal role in the beautification of the city we call home. Sherry Brookes, Corporate and Government Affairs Director, acknowledges that it is the day-to-day leadership in these communities that will determine the lasting impact of the clean-up and beautification initiatives.

Orlando Forbes, Harbour Director, lamented the manner in which some persons treat our beaches and surrounding water despite the fact that the beaches and beautiful waters are the primary reasons why millions have visited and why millions more intend to see The Bahamas during their lifetime. “These waters have sustained generations before me by providing food and recreation and I feel a personal obligation to work with others to preserve it and protect it for generations to come,” Mr Forbes said.

Malvese Capron, HR Director for HPH Bahamas, is encouraged by the growing awareness of Bahamian students as it relates to the impact of the environment on national development. “It is a slow tedious process cultivating a deep and abiding appreciation for our marine and terrestrial environment, but we are making progress,” she remarked.