HPH Group complete supervisory training courses

Sixty-two staff members of Hutchison Port Holding Group, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas completed courses enhancing their supervisory and management skills and were so recognized with certificates at a recent presentation luncheon.

The employees representing Freeport Harbour Company, Grand Bahama Airport Company, and Freeport Container Port were admonished by the Chief Executive Officer, Chris Gray, to remember themselves as a part of one team, the Hutchison Port Holding Group. 'And while the course title may say supervisory/training programme, 'You are managers, responsible for managing people, and I would remind you of your responsibilities, and the need for all of you to work together,' said Mr. Gray.

Instructors of the course were Ms. Agatha Marcelle of the Centre of Organizational & Personal Performance, COPP, in New Providence, and Wilbur Outten, Founder and President of 3E Training Services of Freeport, along with senior staff members at Hutchinson Port Holdings Group.Included in the customized training course in Supervisory/Leadership Learning and Development curriculum entitled, 'We Grow Leaders' were sessions on Administrative Skills, Leadership, Team Building, Dressing for Success, Workforce Planning, Effective Communications, the Art & Science of Completing Tasks, Microsoft Excel Basics, and Being Good Stewards/Shareholders, Money and Things.

Chris Gray in thanking the group recalled at the beginning when he spoke to some of, 'That the values that you will obtain will be not necessarily what you hear and the advice that you are given, but will be the comradeship and the time that you spend together during the training itself and during the breaks and working with each other. 'It is very, very important how you are; how you behave; how you conduct yourself inside your job and outside your job, even in your private lives; it has a huge influence not only on your own life, but on those people for whom you are responsible for managing and supervising'. The class was urged to bear those in mind and keep close their interaction, behaviour, and those famous values that they have: loyalty, respect, integrity, and honesty. 'Please remember, work together, mutual respect and treat each other like you are the closest friend you have in the world. These three companies are strong and we are apart of a very bright future, but we have to work,' noted Mr. Gray.