Hutchison Group of Companies Partners with the RBPF and RBDF Bands

FREEPORT, BAHAMAS, October 2, 2012- The Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) group of companies is one of the largest employers in Grand Bahama and prides itself on contributing millions of dollars to the local economy through salaries and purchases from merchants on an annual basis. Over the last two years the group of companies have developed a reputation as a major patron of Bahamian performing Arts. Special efforts have been made to incorporate Bahamian performers in the majority of its events including meetings for out of town guests. Although expensive, company executives thought it important to expose international visitors to the best in Bahamian culture through dance, music and exquisite cuisines.

While most of the performers alternate from event to event The Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) Band and more recently the Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF) Band have become constant fixtures at Hutchison’s events. Top company officials much like audiences around the world have fell in love with Royal Bahamas Police Force Band and there is a growing appreciation and affection for the Royal Bahamas Defense Force Band.

Both branches of law enforcement has been so generous in contributing their time and talents to function as ambassadors for the Bahamas through their frequent performances in Grand Bahama before delighted crowds that hail from around the world. The Hutchison group of companies counted it an honour to contribute to the ongoing work of the bands by recently facilitating the acquisition of additional instruments for both Marching Bands. CEO of FCP, FHC and GBAC, Godfrey Smith made the much-appreciated contribution to representatives of the respective bands.Commandant F. C. Halkett formed the RBPF Band in 1893. The officers from that time forward mesmerized the public and overseas guests with dazzling performances at official events, concerts and other special functions. Costs were defrayed in the early days by what was known as the Reward Fund so that no additional burden was place on the Force or the public. In the early 1900s, Mr. Leon E. H. Dupuch, founder and editor of the Tribune, raised funds to obtain new instruments for the band. The HPH group of companies are following in that tradition of public/private partnership in order to ensure that this iconic band continues to intrigue audiences around the world.

So popular is this Marching Band that it is one of the few symbols that persons from around the world have come to associate with the Bahamas. According to Police officials, The RBPF Band typifies The Bahamas in much the same way the Royal Canadian Mounted Police symbolizes Canada or the British “bobby” represents London. While lesser known and with a far shorter tradition, The Royal Bahamas Defense Force Band has emerged as a crowd pleaser at major events. This talented group of musicians and performers are in high demand.

Much like its older sibling, this impeccably dressed band captures audiences with its sweet music that run the gambit from World pop classics to Bahamian popular songs. Similar to RBPF Band they display well-choreographed numbers, which include exciting dance moves that invariably elicit roars and applause from the crowd.

Both the Police and the Defense Forces have formed wildly successful pop bands; nevertheless their Marching Bands remain the standard bearers for their branches and ultimately the country. Hutchison officials are pleased to have cultivated a long-term relationship with these institutions and pledge its long-term support of their efforts to share the vibrancy of Bahamian culture with Bahamians and the world.