Hutchison Ports FCP Donates to Classic Dancers

Hutchison Ports FCP has made its contribution to the anticipated success of the 2019 Grand Bahama New Year’s Day Junkanoo parade. The company made a recent donation to Classic Dancers, a local group slated to compete in the event.

The group’s Chairman, Jonestoe Thomas, thanked FCP for what he called a “timely” donation.“The donation will help us in preparation for the 2019 New Year’s Day Junkanoo parade,” he explained.

“It will be used to help us buy the much needed materials for our costumes so we can put on a spectacular presentation on the streets of Grand Bahama, for Grand Bahamians to enjoy the New Year’s parade.”

The donation is one of several made by the company in recent months in support of the local community. Hutchison Ports FCP donations have assisted a variety of organizations, ranging from sporting associations to youth empowerment initiatives.

Thomas is particularly grateful to Hutchison Ports FCP for its commitment to Classic Dancers after having lost its founding chairman, the late Kenneth “Motorboat” Ferguson, last year. Thomas sees the donation as a commemorative nod to the “special relationship” Ferguson had with the organization.

Founded some 31 years ago, Classic Dancers’ youth focus is in tune with FCP’s ongoing support of youth-based organizations within the community.

Said Thomas, the group “was built upon providing at-risk youth with a stable environment where they could display their talent and also learn about Bahamian culture.”

In the midst of preparation for the 2019 parade, the group expressed its gratitude for FCP’s continued generosity and assistance over the years, “My committee thanks Freeport Container Port, as always,” said Thomas.