Hutchison Ports FCP Donates to Legacy Baseball/Softball Association

Thanks to a timely donation from Hutchison Ports FCP, the teams of the Legacy Baseball Association were able to play in the Nationals this year. “The donation was a blessing. We were enthusiastic about it,” said the association’s Vice President, Zevargo Cox.

The donation was yet another expression of Hutchison Ports FCP’s commitment to the local community. The company has generously donated to a variety of organizations aimed at community building through sports and other activities.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of Legacy Baseball to Hutchison Ports FCP for its support, Cox added, “Their donation and their gift meant a lot to the organization. Cox said that the gift went a long way toward helping to prepare the players to participate in the Nationals in June. The donation specifically assisted with the purchase of uniforms. Following their turnout at the Nationals, the League also sent the players of its 11-12 age group to Orlando, Florida, to play in the Youth Baseball Florida Nationals from June 29 - July 5.

A more than 20-year-old league, Legacy Baseball Association is grateful for sponsorship that helps it to achieve its mission of teaching character through the sport of baseball. “Our mission is to develop boys and girls of character with a winning attitude,” said Cox.

Hutchison Ports FCP is proud to lend its support to organizations like Legacy Baseball, which have multiple developmental goals. “When you come to Legacy you don’t have to know how to play baseball, we will teach you,” said Cox. “While a lot of clubs look for athletes, and they will pick the good ones, we say, no, it doesn’t matter where you start because … we’re trying to ... build character.”

With over 100 players ranging from ages 3 - 12, Legacy Baseball Association begins its regular season in mid January. The season culminates with the Championships, and later, the Nationals. Children who are interested in learning the sport can attend training, which is held from October to December. “It is a free camp, so boys and girls who are interested in learning to play baseball, we invite them to come out early because that’s when we do a lot of teaching,” Cox explained. When the season begins, the players are divided into teams for competition.

Donations such as Hutchison Ports FCP’s help to supplement the $35 registration fee that the league charges its participants. At the end of the day, the Association aims to teach more than a sport. “We try to keep them focused and make sure that they realize that baseball is not just a separate thing. Learning team sports also helps to grow character and discipline,” said Cox.

“We can teach you baseball, and like any sport, some will become greater. Some will be okay. Some will be good and go on. Some will learn different things about working as a team from it, but everybody is going to take something away from it,” said Cox.