Hutchison Ports FCP Donates to Us TOO Grand Bahama

Hutchison Ports FCP demonstrated its concern for the health and welfare of the local community with a recent donation to Us TOO Grand Bahama.

The generous donation from Hutchison Ports FCP helped the organization to provide the invaluable service of prostate cancer screening to hundreds of men at an affordable cost.“We at Us TOO would like to thank Hutchison Ports FCP for its generous donation,” said Averell Mortimer, Us TOO Grand Bahama Chapter Leader.“

We greatly appreciate it because we are beginning to save the lives of men who otherwise could not afford to be treated and to be tested for prostate cancer.” Mortimer further expressed the important role that assistance such as this, permits the organization to execute its goals.

The organization served 800 men during its annual screening event in early September. “The donation will assist in defraying the cost of our screening,” he said, adding that the cost of screening is approximately $50 per person. “We’re looking at a total cost of anywhere between $32,000 and $40,000.”

“We are very grateful to Hutchison Ports FCP for their generous donation, year after year, to our efforts in bringing awareness and relief to the men of Grand Bahama as we fight this dreaded disease.