Hutchison Ports FCP Donates to YMCA Family Center

Thanking Hutchison Ports FCP for its most recent donation to the YMCA Family Center, Executive Director Karen Pinder-Johnson said that the company’s generosity has helped to keep the YMCA’s doors open over the years. “Without the support of Hutchison Ports FCP, and companies like it, the YMCA wouldn’t be here,” said Pinder-Johnson.

The facility’s Executive Director added, “We do not generate sufficient funds to run this facility. The support allows us to run programs at minimal cost to reach the greater community and to keep the YMCA’s doors open. That’s the impact that Hutchison Ports FCP has on the YMCA through its donations.” The donation is one of several that Hutchison Ports FCP has made this past year, demonstrating its commitment to the community of Grand Bahama. The company’s consistent generosity is much appreciated by recipients such as the YMCA.

“Hutchison Ports FCP has been a stakeholder in the YMCA for many, many years. It’s through the continual effort of the company that the YMCA is able to branch out and reach the greater community,” said Pinder-Johnson, who added that such donations allow the facility to maintain an adequate year-round staff. The donation also plays a significant role in sponsoring the YMCA’s invaluable S.O.S swimming program, which teaches school students to swim. Additionally, the donation will assist with the Y’s swim club, which is the competitive arm of its swimming program. The team travels and includes scholarship recipients, all of which comes at a cost. “The support that we have received from Hutchison Ports FCP for many years has allowed us to run our learn-to-swim program for the schools, which caters to about 1,500 kids per school term,” said Pinder-Johnson. “In addition to that, the sponsorship towards the kids traveling to Nationals gives those kids who can’t afford it, but have the talent, the opportunity to experience what it is to represent their island.”

Shakietha Henfield, the YMCA’s Programs Director, also expressed gratitude on behalf of the facility. “We’re very grateful to all of our corporate sponsors,” said Henfield. “They really help a lot of our programs to run and show people that we have stability. If the corporate sponsors are backing us and supporting us, families are more likely to come and participate in programs at the YMCA.”

A staple in the community of Grand Bahama since the 1970s, the YMCA is the island’s only multi-sport complex. The center prides itself on remaining accessible, despite tough economic times. It is able to do this due to the generous support of its sponsors. Pinder-Johnson expressed the long- lasting effects of donations to the YMCA Family Center, and the hundreds who benefit from the facility’s presence in the community.“

Hutchison Ports FCP allows us to fulfill our Christian mission of creating programs to develop the character that we would want in our citizens,” she said.