Hutchison Ports FCP Leads Responsibly by Giving to Wheelchair Program

FCP - Rotary WheelChair Donation

Friday, 11th January 2019 - Freeport, Grand Bahama: In keeping with Hutchison Port’s corporate social responsibility and its quest to continue to lead responsibly, the Freeport Container Port was delighted to support the Rotary Club of Freeport’s Wheelchair Program that has impacted the lives of many residents, throughout the Grand Bahama community.  

For over 15 years, the Rotary Club of Freeport has been assisting residents of Grand Bahama in need of wheelchairs, through The Wheelchair Foundation’s discounted wheelchair program.  The Foundation was founded in June 2000 and partners with donors to provide wheelchairs to people who need them, but cannot afford them.

 “We are delighted to support such an important initiative to assist those who are in dire need of wheelchairs, due to illness, injury or disability, but cannot afford to purchase them,” shared Lucian Laing, Port Director, Hutchison Ports FCP. “We are grateful to the Rotary Club of Freeport for the work that they continue to do to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill”.

The Wheelchair Program is one that relies heavily on the support of the corporate community, as most of the local expenses, including warehouse space, are donated.  With the assistance of the Freeport Container Port, a purchase of additional wheelchairs will be made.

“We are extremely grateful to the Freeport Container Port who saw this as a viable, ongoing program,” said Richard Bates, Rotary Foundation, Rotary Club of Freeport.  “On behalf of the four (4) Rotary clubs and two (2) Rotaract clubs of Grand Bahama, we say thank you for demonstrating your commitment to the Grand Bahama community”.